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Shared Facilities

GLAM hosts the Electron and Ion Microscopy and X-Ray and Surface Analysis capabilities of the Stanford Nano Shared Facilities.

For lab access information at these facilities, please visit

SNSF Equipment in the McCullough and Moore building include:

  • Electron and Ion Microscopy Laboratories
    • FIB/SEM: FEI DB235
    • SEM: FEI Sirion
  • Transmission Electron Microscope (TEM) Facilities
    • FEI Tecnai
    • TEM Specimen Preparation Laboratory
  • X-ray & Surface Analysis
    • XRD PANalytical X/Pert
    • XRD PANalytical Empyrean
    • XRD Multiwire Laue
    • XRD Bruker Single Crystal D8 Venture
    • Auger: PHI 700
    • XPS: PHI VersaProbe
    • PESA: Riken AC-2 Photoelectron Spectrometer
    • SPM: Park XE-70
    • SPM: PARK XE-100
    • SPM: Scanning SQUID Microscope