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GLAM Fellowships Frequenty Asked Questions

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* Do I need to identify a faculty mentor?

Yes. The potential faculty host will be asked to formally nominate the candidate, and provide a short statement describing the merits of the candidate and the proposed research. Establishing a proposed research program with a GLAM faculty mentor is a major part of the application.

* Can I have more than one faculty mentor?

Yes. Research in GLAM is highly interdisciplinary, and we encourage applications from candidates that would involve collaboration with more than one group, and that bridges traditional disciplines. In this case, please identify both faculty mentors, both of whom will be asked to provide a statement describing the merits of the candidate and the proposed research.

* Can I have a faculty mentor outside GLAM?

Your primary faculty mentor must be a member of GLAM. However, we encourage applications from candidates who propose collaborative research that connects with GLAM and other departments and/or independent labs at Stanford, in which case your secondary mentor does not need to be a member of GLAM. 

* Are international candidates able to apply?

Yes, the competition is open to all qualified candidates. If the position is offered to a non-US citizen, responsibility for obtaining the necessary visa will be assumed by the host faculty member.

* Do I have to apply online?


* Are there any restrictions?

Yes. Candidates must have no more than 2 and a half years of post-doc experience. Also, candidates must have received their PhD by the time they start the position (see also the next question).

* Do I have to have completed my PhD to apply?

No. But you must have graduated by your start date.

* Are candidates able to apply for theory positions?

Yes. Both theory and experimental candidates can apply.

* When is the start date?

Appointments are expected to begin in the window between June and December 2024.

* Is there any flexibility in the start date?

To some extent. If your anticipated start date differs from the nominal window, please indicate an anticipated start date in your application.

* If I receive an offer for a GLAM Fellowship, can it be deferred by a year?

No. Although there is some flexibility in the start date, we cannot defer the start date until the next academic year.  If you don’t anticipate starting a position until the 2024 academic year, please wait to apply next year.

* Can the Fellowship be extended beyond two years?

No. The Fellowship lasts for two years. However, extension beyond two years can be negotiated with and covered by the host faculty, similar to any usual postdoctoral position.

* Will applications be considered after the October 31st 12:00 noon PST deadline.

No. The deadline is a firm and applications will not be considered after this date and time. Candidates are responsible for ensuring that all components of their application are received before the deadline, including the three letters of reference.  

* Can I provide more than two letters of reference?

No. Each candidate should arrange for letters of recommendation from two people who are able to comment on their previous research and on their potential for performing creative research in the future. The only other letters in the application will be from faculty mentors in GLAM.

* Are there any restrictions affecting the Research Statement?

The research statement is submitted as a pdf file, and must be no more than 2 sides in length. Please use a sensible font size, no less than 11 point. The research statement can include figures if this is helpful, but this is not necessary. It should address future research goals, but can also draw on recent achievements if this helps clarify the proposed work.

* Can students or post-docs currently at Stanford apply?

Current Stanford graduate students and post-docs will only be considered in exceptional circumstances.

* Who should I contact for more information?

For administrative questions, including any difficulties with the online submission, please contact All questions regarding the proposed research program should be directed to the proposed faculty mentor.

* Will there be an interview?

No. Candidates will be evaluated based on their submitted materials.

* When will the results of the competition be announced?

Applications will be evaluated immediately after the deadline, and the final decision announced in early December. 

* If I receive an offer, is there a deadline for responding?

Yes. The deadline for accepting an offer is January 15, 2024.

Stanford is an equal employment opportunity and affirmative action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.