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Guidelines for Hosts

Host Guidelines for CMP Seminar

CMP Seminar hosts have the responsibility of communicating with the speaker, hosting her/him at dinner, introducing her/him, and helping to facilitate the setup and presentation so that the speaker's talk runs smoothly.  The following are some guidelines for CMP Seminar hosts:

  • Send an informal email inviting the speaker.  Communicate to the speaker the type of audience, time constraint, and A-V requirements.
  • The administrative associate for the faculty host is responsible for communicating the Stanford travel policy to reimburse economy airfare equivalent, arranging lodging, providing campus directions and parking permit, coordinating visitor's itinerary and meeting schedule, and arranging lunch and/or dinner reservations.
  • The faculty host should follow up with the speaker for the title and abstract as soon as possible. Inform the CMP Seminar coordinator of the title and abstract at least three weeks prior to the seminar to update the website.  The host's assistant posts flyers and distributes the flyer via email on the Friday before, day before, and day of the seminar.
  • The host is responsible for introducing the speaker unless delegated to someone else.  Prepare a brief introduction to the speaker, either from your own sources or through discussion with the speaker or others.
  • The host's assistant submits the visitor's travel reimbursement.


Dinner Host Guidelines

  • The Seminar speaker is taken to dinner by the host, usually accompanied by two or three colleagues. Most speakers visit for one to two days, and usually one dinner is required.
  • The host's assistant coordinates dinner reservations.
  • The host pays the bill, treating the speaker.  Meal guidance applies and please note that the limit on tipping is 20%.
  • The host's assistant submits the dinner reimbursement.